03 - Lac Blanc from the Index



The Lac Blanc is the

There are many routes leading up to Lac Blanc. They are also quite busy. This hike is a less travelled route than the one starting from the arrival station of the La Flégère cable car.

At the ticket office, take a oneway ticket to La Flégère-Index and a return to La Flégère.

Take the cable car of La Flégère then the Index chairlift.

The trail goes down to the right of the Index chairlift and passes next to the small lake of Le Fouet. It is not uncommon to see snowfields that delight children. The trail on the mountainside is a permanent lookout on the Mont-Blanc chaine. One joins the refuge in 1h20.

In the summer, the thawed Lac Blanc (actually two joined lakes), is a turquoise colour. Keep to the right of the first lake for a picnic on the shores of the second lake, which is quieter. Some brave have a (quick) dip in the glacial lake. The Yellow-billed choughs (large crows) watch out for the crumbs. To go back, take the path signposted “Lacs des Chéserys” to the left.

The path descends to the southern shores of the Chéserys lake (2,211 m) by taking a short and easy ladder that allows the crossing of rock aplomb.

Following the path, you can see the other lakes set on a wide terrace that stretches halfway up the Aiguilles Rouges. You then come to a fork. You are at the heart of the scenery: A 180° panorama on the Mont-Blanc and its mythical summits, Aiguille du Tour, Aiguille du Chardonnet, Aiguille Verte, Drus, the Mer de Glace, the Jorasses and the Mont-Blanc.

You are sure to see Ibex along the way.

Take a right onto the TMB, trail, which leads to the Chéserys chalet (1,998 m) and then to the hut of La Chavanne. A short climb (unpleasant) takes you back to the top station cable car of La Flégère (1,877 m).

Take the cable car back to the parking lot.

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