09 - Chalet des Pyramides



This hike is a rather

At the Bossons car park, take the chairlift that takes you near the Bossons glacier (1,425 m). (You can also walk up to the Bossons glacier chalet in about 1 hour and 250 m elevation but it is of little interest).

The chairlift drops you at the Bossons glacier chalet from where you can enjoy the terrace, and the view of the tip of the glacier. An explanation in the form of a theme trail lined with panels tells the story of the glacier.

The chalet is the starting point for the hike up to the chalet des Pyramides. The trail climbs steadily, winding through the forest. Gaps in the wood allow regular views of the glacier. You reach the Chalet des Pyramides in about two hours, after a tedious climb.

There are few places for a picnic near the glacier in this unique setting that offers a breathtaking view of the glacier’s sérac cascade. You can also take a snack at the Chalet des Pyramides.

The descent is via the same route. From the Bossons glacier chalet, you can take the chairlift down to the parking lot or by way of the trail named “Chemin des Monts”, which is a small hamlet located above the Bossons and the ski slopes, allow 30 minutes. From the chalet des Pyramids, experienced hikers can continue towards La Jonction (2,589 m). The trail follows the Mountain de la Côte and takes you to the gates of the high mountains, with a magnificent view of the Bossons and Taconnaz glaciers situated on both sides. This route was taken by Jacques Balmat and Dr. Paccard during the first ascent of the Mont-Blanc in 1786. Allow 4 hours to reach the junction from the Bossons chairlift and 3 hours for the descent.

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