20 - Refuge de Loriaz and Col de la Terrasse



A hike in a loop

The Emosson dam is located at the Gueulaz pass, starting point for the hike. Enjoy the panoramic view of the Mont-Blanc and the Swiss Alps on one side and on the other of the lake’s blue water and the impressive top of the dam (height 180 m and length 554 m).

Go down towards the dam. The itinerary follows the beginning of the paved road that crosses the dam’s wall. Take the path to the left signed posted Col du Passet / Barberine /refuge de la Loriaz.

Quickly leave the hamlet of Barberine’s path, take a left and continue towards La Loriaz. Handrail paths help to assist crossing the avalanche passages. Then the trail progresses easily along a balcony crossing the Barberine Mountain then that of Loriaz. You reach the pasture where the Hérens cow bells herald the refuge.

Have a rest at the chalets of Loriaz (2,020 m) before tackling the steep climb to the Col de la Terrasse, which winds through the rubble of the stony Ravin des Combes. Ibex along

the way.

You can picnic at the pass, from where the view is stunning (when it is not in the clouds!)

At the Col de la Terrasse (2,645 m), leave the trail to the left, which heads toward the Col des Corbeaux and follow ahead, slightly to the right of conspicuous cairns that guide you to the Col Suspendu (2,500 m). The trail passes through a lunar landscape dotted with numerous small lakes. At the Col Suspendu, snowfields may remain.

The long downhill hike is made along the Veulade coombe and its stream.

The hike can be done the other way around to avoid the climb to the Terrasse pass and to take the dizzying downhill trail from the pass towards the chalets of the Loriaz. However,

the hike as proposed, allows one to have permanent vues on the Mont-Blanc and its glaciers (Trient, Tour and Argentière) via the balcony path of the Barberine Mountain in the direction Emosson dam-Loriaz.

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