26 - Cabane d’Orny



A long and pleasant upward

Take the Breya chairlift that takes you 700 meters further up.

At the chairlift, go left, then take the path toward the Orny cabin. At the end of this pleasant but slightly steep trail, you reach a junction. Continue on your way, ignoring the path on the right which comes from Champex by the Breya pass.

Within an hour, you reach a second junction. Continue straight on ignoring the path on the left which comes from the Combe d’Orny. You cross a plateau and the path winds through large fallen rocks. In 1h45 minutes you reach Orny lake

on the right then the left bank of the moraine of Orny glacier, while on the left is the path leading to the Arpette Saleina Vallon.

Follow the moraine to the superior lake of Orny situated below the Cabane d’Orny.

The Cabane d’Orny is a refuge, the beginning of the high mountain and glacier hikes leading to the Trient cabin and the tip of Orny, a hike reserved for experienced hikers and equipped with the proper equipment for walking on a glacier.

You can picnic at the Cabane d’Orny.

The way down is via the same route as the one taken in the morning but staying to the left of the two successive junctions. At the 3rd junction, two options are available to you; either take the path on the right taken in the morning which joins the Breya chairlift (check the return schedules) ; or take a left towards the Breya pass and the Val d’Arpette. If you choose the latter route, add one hour for the way down to Champex.

On the return, take the opportunity to visit Champex-Lac, which is a quiet resort in the enchanting site of the alpine lake of Champex and a major stage of the Tour du Mont-Blanc.

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