27 - Entre-Deux-Sauts



The Val Ferret is just

The start of the hike can be a bit hard to find, the signs in Italy are less well marked than on the French side.

The first step is to reach the Bonatti refuge (2,022 m) which you will reach in less than an hour.

To do this, take the stone path to the right of the Malatra stream (left bank) that winds through a larch forest. At the first junction, continue on your left towards the Bonatti refuge. On leaving the forest floor, carry on through the meadows before reaching the refuge situated opposite the Grandes Jorasses.

From the shelter, continue towards the alpine huts of the Alpe Superior of Malatra following the TMB trail from now on.

The trail climbs slowly across the meadows to the Col de Pas-Entre-Deux-Sauts (2,521 m) that you will reach in less than 3 hours. The hike is in the wilderness with an unusual view of the Italian mountainside of the Mont-Blanc.

You can picnic at the pass if it is not too windy.

From the Col de Pas-Entre-Deux-Sauts, you can do the roundtrip hike in an hour, using a slightly steep and precipitous path to the Tête-Entre-Deux-Sauts gazebo (2,729 m), that reveals the entire Italian side of the Mont-Blanc from the peaks of Miage to Mont-Dolent. Start the descent still using the TMB. At a junction just before the torrent of Armina, you will leave the TMB to walk along the right bank of the torrent (so do not cross the stream). At each intersection encountered, always follow the path on the right. At the level of the Armina cabins that can be seen below, the view of Mont-Blanc on the Italian side is beautiful, a picture postcard with high snow-capped peaks dominating the Italian Val Ferret in the background.

Keep straight ahead to the Sécheron cabins, then go through the forest to join the stony trail used in the morning. Turn left, to reach the parking lot.

On the return, it is worthwhile to make a detour through the renowned and touristic “village” of Courmayeur, to enjoy, among other things, an excellent Italian ice-cream.

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