19 - Dinosaur Tracks



A geological hike of the

The Emosson dam is located at the Gueulaz pass, hike starting point. Enjoy the panoramic view of the Mont-Blanc and the Swiss Alps on one side and the lake’s blue water and the impressive top of the dam on the other (height 180 m and 554 m length). Go down towards the dam. The route uses the paved road that crosses the dam and runs along the lake’s edge to the left, towards the old Emosson lake.

One walks alongside old Emosson lake by the right then the trail takes you uphill to the site of the Dinosaur tracks (2400 m). More than 800 footprints dating back 250 million years were discovered on the most famous site in Europe.

Late July/ early August, a geologist from the Natural History Museum of Geneva gives explanations on the site’s tracks, every day from 11 am to 4 pm, weather permitting. For the return, one last climb takes you along a path on your left to the Col Suspendu (overlying pass, 2,500 m) where snowfields may remain.

The long descent is made along the Veulade coomb and its stream.

Experienced hikers who wish to extend the hike can make a round-trip detour (1h30) to the Col de la Terrasse (2,645m), before going down. From the dinosaur tracks, take the path on the right towards the Col de la Terrasse trudging through a moonscape dotted with many small lakes. Conspicuous cairns guide you to the pass which offers stunning views of the Mont-Blanc massif and the trail below that climbs steeply through stone scree to the refuge of the Loriaz chalets. Retrace your steps.

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